All natural, beautifully crafted Massage Therapy, Spa, and wellness supplies, handcrafted in Canada. Please note orders are processed weekdays Monday-Thursday.

About Our Ingredients


All of the ingredients we use are chosen with care and attention to detail. We strive for transparency in labeling and simplicity in formulating, our goal is to keep our ingredient lists small but highly effective. We have extensive training in the safe use of essential oils (both therapeutically as well as in cosmetic formulation) which gives us confidence that our offerings are safe and effective. We've spent years building relationships with companies that share our values in ethics and sustainability which is why we feel so confident that our suppliers care about these values as much as we do. And, while it is impossible to obtain all of our ingredients from businesses based in Calgary, we certainly try our best to keep our purchases as local as possible. 

Natural Ingredients at Synergy Tree Source & Supply